Start from the Front-Line! KaiZen Creative Group INC. carefully selects the right people in the right positions to achieve maximum return on our Clients’ investments. Our event management and event staffing Team Leaders work and train with our experienced Executive Team to ensure consistent quality and seamless activations. Our elite team of event professionals ensure that every project is carried out following the rigorous standards of the KaiZen operating philosophy.

Creative Group

We remain exceptionally competitive through our commitment to outstanding and ethical service for all our quality stakeholders. Our creative team is no exception to our investment.



In the Spring of 2000, Zen launched the services of KaiZen Creative Group. Drawing from his years of professional hands-on experience in the areas of team leadership, project management, professional sales and entertainment, Zen quickly proved KaiZen's unique value in the experiential marketing industry. He's inspired by a rewarding sense of connection and contribution working with countless teams of multi-talented and hardworking creative professionals.

Well before discussion of kaizen concepts in his business studies, Zen was immersed in the value of the Eastern philosophy as he earned his black-belt degrees in the disciplined study of traditional martial arts. He attributes much of his personal and professional success to the application of kaizen-strategy. To this day, he continues to expand his passionate development in the areas of business leadership, professional entertainment, and martial arts.

"Through the years of valuable professional experience on the industry's front-line, I gained a deep respect and appreciation for the power of quality service. To serve is a wonderful opportunity to influence a positive and lasting experience for others. It's truly an honour and privilege to participate in a very critical part of a relationship building process. Afterall, solid relationships are at the heart of all thriving business."


Team KaiZen

We are very proud and committed to offer our clients a solid and powerful roster of quality event professionals. Our Executive Team and On-Site Event Team Leads are committed to upholding the premium level of service our professional group is known to deliver.

The KaiZen Executive Team offers professional experience in the war room and on the field, yielding unique and valuable insights into event management and marketing execution in today's multimedia-oriented, consumer-driven marketplace. Bottomline, the KaiZen roster includes a broad range of highly creative and experienced business, marketing and entertainment industry professionals, supporting a solid reputation within Western Canada for premium services and outstanding measurable results.

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