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Customized Event Services


High Def, High Res. - The Big Picture Difference.

KaiZen Creative Group supports high-quality activations from every angle. Collaborate with us for a turn-key solution for your operation.

KaiZen Creative Group Inc., is known for going above and beyond to deliver extraordinary results for the quality brands and client partnerships we support. Along with our trusted and proven track record we’re well supported by a solid event and entertainment industry network. Lean on us. We've got your back!


Professional event services that include, but are not limited to:

  • ☞ Talent Management and Custom Casting Services — Screening, Booking, Scheduling, and Payroll
  • ☞ Event Staffing - Field Managers and Team Leaders, Brand Ambassadors, Professional Performers, Models, Mascots, Administrative Support, Security Services and more
  • ☞ Customer Service and Product Training
  • ☞ Venue Sourcing, Site Checks, Insurance, and Permit Coordination
  • ☞ Event Staging, Signage Design, and Display Support
  • ☞ Event Strategy, Planning, and Management
  • ☞ Social Media, Video, and Photography
  • ☞ Vendor Sourcing and Coordination
  • ☞ Shipping and Storage Logistics
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